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Our Funding Solutions

Pre-Settlement Funding

Need money Now?

Get the funds you need during the lengthy settlement process.

Contact us to learn about options.  Often times we can have you paid in 24 hours.

Medical / Surgical Funding

We directly pay medical providers at the time services are rendered.

on maximizing your case results.

Allow medical providers to focus on providing the best level of care.

Medical Lien Funding

Eliminate Collection Risk

Reduction request are very common and cases are lost every day.

Increase your receivables while you focus on maintaining solid attorney relationships.

Freedom Legal Funding

Advantages & Benefits

  • No credit check
  • No monthly payments
  • Very competitive rates
  • No employment verification
  • No upfront out of pocket fees
  • If you do not win your case you do not pay us back.
  • Recurring advances are available during case proceedings.
  • Funds to pay for medical necessities such as surgeries, hospital stays and pain treatments.
  • Often receive funds within 24 hours!

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